Are you feeling resistant to the coming winter? Living seasonally helps you settle into the rhythm of the year and autumn helps you prepare for winter properly

Autumn: Living with nature in the season of harvest

Leaves crunch under footsteps. Pumpkins spring up in doorways and along sidewalks. And the smell of woodsmoke lies just under the smells of spice and frost. Oh yes, autumn is here.

Autumn is the season of harvest – the season for us to look back at what we’ve made, keep the things that serve us, and release the things that don’t. The season of soups and chilis. And the season of preparation.

Learning to live seasonally is the ultimate preventative medicine. It’s a lifestyle that follows the rhythms of nature around you to prepare you for the pitfalls of the season ahead.

Combining the magic of flower essences with the traditions of Chinese medicine to help you heal and grow

What is floral acupuncture?

Imagine if you could combine the rich history of Chinese Medicine with the subtle science of flower essences. What would it be like to take these two robust and beautiful medicines and combine them? It would be magical. And guess what? You can.

Floral acupuncture was introduced by Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows. Together they developed a robust system of 5 element acupuncture and Bach Flower essences, combining them to supplement treatments for anxiety, fear, anger – any of the traditional flower essence maladies.

Floral acupuncture has grown since Craydon and Bellows published Floral Acupuncture, expanding beyond the original Bach formulas. (affiliate link) And it might be what’s missing from your treatment plan.