Check out these blogtober posts to understand more about how I approach women's health, acupuncture, doula work (and other birth work), herbalism and more!

Seed Cycling and Oil Cycling for Hormonal Balance

Working in the field I do, I’ve heard whispers of seed cycling and oil cycling for the past couple of years. But it wasn’t until I consulted on a difficult fertility case last week that a colleague directly recommended it.

Seed cycling is kind of like vaginal steaming – it’s on the fringe of accepted reproductive science with no peer-reviewed studies to support the process. But the people who love it love it for a reason. It worked for them.

So, what is seed cycling? How does it work? Can it really be the key to regulating your cycles?

Sunday Round Up: Bed-sharing, male doulas, and seed cycling

Hey, wow. A third Sunday round-up. This might actually become a thing!

Is anyone else notoriously bad at saying you want to start doing a thing and then not doing it? It can’t just be me.

Anyway, this Sunday round up includes bed-sharing while breastfeeding, a local man working for big change, seed cycling, and my favorite bibimbap recipe that’s nourishing for your body AND your budget.

Check out these blogtober posts to understand more about how I approach women's health, acupuncture, doula work (and other birth work), herbalism and more!

Practical Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient art that is intended to harmonize your relationship with your environment. It’s a beautiful, complicated art with many schools of thought and sometimes, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds. But there are some very simple, everyday things you can do to improve the feng shui of your home.

The Water Element: Foundations in the Darkness

Happy Almost Winter, Minnesnowta!

Any other season of the year and people give me the side-eye for an “early” season greeting. But in winter? Snow can fly as early as September! In fact, wasn’t it just last week we got our first flakes?

And even if the snowflakes weren’t falling yet, the world around us is settling into a winter rhythm. Everything becomes quiet and still. The leaves have fallen, the grass is hibernating, jars of pickled herring pop up in pantries across the state.

This spring, I broke the element of wood down in two blog posts – one about how things can be categorized as wood from a health perspective and another about how Chinese medicine looks at imbalances in the wood element. I did the same earlier this month for metal and metal disharmonies.

This blog post will be doing the same for this season’s element, the element of Water.

The Outer Shu are a way to treat psychological, emotional and even spiritual conditions from the outside in

Five (More) Misconceptions about Acupuncture

Yesterday’s post about acupuncture misconceptions was super fun to write but it got a little out of hand. I talk about acupuncture a lot. As you can imagine, it’s kind of my thing. So when it comes to misconceptions I have a lot to say.

The ten misconceptions about acupuncture could have easily turned into a four to five thousand word blog post and I’m not going to do that to you folx. So here we are, part two – five more misconceptions about acupuncture.

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