Reverie Acupuncture is one year old! What ten posts did readers find the most useful over the past year? Click to find out!

First Birthday Post Round-Up

Happy Birthday, Reverie!

Reverie Acupuncture is officially one year old on August 24th, 2018. It’s been an awesome year of community acupuncture, mamas, babies and blog posts!

I’d like to save my big announcements for my Winter Party that I’m planning so today let’s celebrate by looking at the top 10 posts that readers of Reverie have found most useful.

Reverie Acupuncture is one year old! What ten posts did readers find the most useful over the past year? Click to find out!
Five ways to naturally induce labor, either at home or in a clinic

Five Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

38 weeks have passed and you’re looking to induce labor.

Your back hurts. Your feet are tired. Your innards haven’t functioned “normally” for months. You are done with pregnancy.

You hop on Pinterest and before you know it your fingers have tapped out “natural labor induction” and you ended up here.

I get it. I see so many mamas at 38 and 39 weeks who are exactly where you are and frankly, I’ve been there myself.

So I wanted to get some labor induction ideas down on paper (well, pixels anyway) for mamas to be able to peruse and then discuss with their midwives or ob-gyns. But first, some important information about the differences between labor preparation and labor induction.

Five ways to naturally induce labor, either at home or in a clinic

Why you need to take a bed rest postpartum

The modern American approach to postpartum care is lackluster at best.

It starts in the hospital with medical staff not knowing how to educate mothers about the signs and symptoms they should look for postpartum. There are even stories of women returning to the hospital postpartum complaining of symptoms and being turned away only to find out that their conditions are serious and life threatening. Medical staff are there to support you, but in the overwhelm and the confusion postpartum overlooking symptoms isn’t uncommon.

Many traditional medicines are very clear - moms must take a bed rest postpartum. We tell moms to "resume normal activities." Is this ok?


How to Pack the Ultimate Birth Center Go-Bag

My husband and I had to pack a birth center bag. Fortunately, we are list makers and preppers. Literally at this moment my husband is telling me how he’s going to consolidate all of our travelling gear while I’m gone so that we just need to go through it tomorrow morning. Hooray organization!

We were like this for the birth too, but almost everything we found for prepping for a birth was geared to a hospital birth. In hospital births, you need to plan to be there for a couple days. This means packing entertainment things, extra changes of clothes – so much stuff.

Birth centers are much more simple. I went into active labor at 5, my daughter was born at 9:30 and we were home by 2. So much less time away from home. As you can imagine, a birth center bag will look much different than a hospital bag – you just don’t need as much. Depending on the birth center, there may be additional things you’re allowed to bring that a hospital would not allow.
I wanted to share with you what we couldn’t find – a list of what to pack for the short trip. Feel free to download your copy of the checklist here.

Birth center bags and hospital bags are two different animals. Find out what to pack in your birth center bag in this blog post!


Acupuncture for birth preparation and labor induction

The last few weeks of pregnancy are unique. You’re excited because you’re going to meet your new baby so soon! There’s anxiety because oh wow, there is so much still left to do. Maybe you’re  a little scared. And you might be frustrated because you’re big enough now that if you drop something on the floor that it lives there now.

You could be any of this and more. Every pregnancy is different, every woman is different but there is one thing that is pretty much constant across pregnancies:

You want it to be over and that 40 week mark is juuuuuuuust within your reach.

Are you looking for a natural means of labor induction? Or maybe you're looking to prepare for birth. Chinese Medicine may have your answer - acupuncture!