Living seasonally is about more than just food. Check out these lifestyle changes to live your summer in sync

Summer Living: Utilizing the Season of Flourishing

Summer is here!

“Wait, what?” some of you are saying, “Summer doesn’t start until June 20th.”

I get what you’re saying. Here in Minnesota it feels like we skipped spring altogether. Two weeks ago we had a 2 day blizzard with 20 inches of snow in the Twin Cities. Today we have a predicted high of 76 and the lilac bushes are running to catch up.

But the way we think of seasons is…off. We are disconnected from the cycles of the seasons, the moon and the sun because we run off the calendars in our pockets and the light from our television screens.

It’s a shame really. There is so much wisdom that our ancestors – all of our ancestors – had.

Seasonal living and the ideas that come with it aren’t only rooted in Chinese medicine.

​Last December I posted a blog on living seasonally in the winter. Now, let’s talk about the summer.

Living seasonally is about so much more than food. Read about the lifestyle changes you can make this summer to make your health flourish

Guest post: The Ultimate Stroller Workout

Winter is finally over! Birds are chirping, the Sun is shining, and strollers are begging to go for a walk. Getting out into the fresh air is great for baby and you. Being outside stimulates both creativity and productivity. You’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to tackle the next thing on your to-do list.

Walking is great exercise. It’s a perfect starting point for moms on the mend. When you’re ready, change up your stroll with a few exercises to make it more challenging.

Today’s post is by Shannon Walter of Traditional Mom, Modern World

This simple and healthy dessert has only a few ingredients - pears, walnuts, ginger and honey. But it's simplicity is based in Chinese Medicine.

Baked Pears with Walnuts and Ginger-infused Honey

You have finally gotten over this year’s flu (with the help of this cold fighting broth, perhaps) and now you have a new battle to fight:

The dry and bloody nose.

Every winter families dig through their storage spaces and garages for their humidifiers with the hopes of fighting off cracked and painful noses and lips. Sometimes we’re successful, most times we are not.

I have a solution for you. This simple recipe is a delicious dessert and can help with the dreaded winter dryness.

This simple and healthy dessert has only a few ingredients - pears, walnuts, ginger and honey. But it's simplicity is based in Chinese Medicine.
My family's cold fighting home remedy

Three herb broth: a traditional cold fighting remedy

Any pregnant woman can attest: having a cold while pregnant is awful. You already can’t breathe normally, but yeah sure, let’s add a stuffy nose and a cough to the mix!

Of course you don’t have to be pregnant to be miserable with a cold and you certainly don’t have to be pregnant to be familiar with them. According to the CDC an adult will average 2-3 colds per year, each lasting an average of 7-10 days. Since the cold is caused by a virus you can’t take anything for it either – it’s just a matter of rest, fluids and waiting.

What if I told you that you could cut that in half? And that if you acted quickly enough you could even nip the disease in the bud before it even got annoying. And that all it would take is a trip to the grocery store?

Herbs have been used for hundreds of years to support people through the irritations of colds and flus. Check out my family's home remedy on today's blog!


Red raspberry leaf tea is can support you before, during and after pregnancy, but hot tea in the summer? Check out this refreshing alternative.

A More Refreshing Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Hot red raspberry leaf tea on a warm summer day?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of tea but even I have a hard time stomaching a warm mug of tea when it’s 85 degrees and humid out.

“So…why are you drinking tea, then?” you ask.

Well, because I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I’m pretty intent on making my labor as short as possible. Read on if you are too or are just trying to find a more palatable way to consume hot herbal teas in the dog days of summer.

Red raspberry leaf tea is a great support for women's health at any point in their lives, but who wants hot tea in the summer?