Sunday Round-Up 5: Winter is here

November is upon us and the first snows have fallen!

I am currently sitting here this Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and my favorite sweater and fleece lined leggings (and a bit of French silk pie because I am an awful example for healthy breakfasts).

This week breastfeeding became legal in all 50 states which is a huge, if incredibly delayed) win! Check out this and other things I found on the wide and scary internet in this week’s Sunday round up!

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Seed Cycling and Oil Cycling for Fertility

Yesterday’s post introduced seed cycling and oil cycling for hormonal health. Seed cycling and oil cycling are ways to balance hormones over a few months by supporting hormones with lignans, healthy fats, and other nutrients.

But multiple times I warned that this method was not for those who were trying to conceive.

In this post I am going to discuss why oil cycling for fertility needs to be different than oil cycling for hormonal health, why preparing for conception is as important as trying to conceive, and the changes you can make to the process to make seed cycling and oil cycling work for you.

Journaling has been one of my favorite self-exploration tools to recommend for patients and Katie's book takes it to a whole new level

Book Review: Let It Out by Katie Dalebout

I have always been a huge fan of journaling. Rather, I’ve been a huge fan of collecting pretty journals that sit, mostly empty, on my shelf because they’re meant for a particular subject. It takes a long time to fill up a “business journal” and a “gratitude journal” and a “clinic journal” plus every other type of journal you could conceive of. So when I heard Katie Dalebout’s podcast on Being Boss I was naturally intrigued.

I think what convinced me to buy the book was when she talked about her journal collection. At one point, Katie had the same problem I had. Tons of journals with tons of empty pages. But because of how Katie breaks down her journaling “tools”, empty pages become less of a problem. Partially because it stops mattering what you put in what journal. In fact, for some tools she recommends nothing fancy at all and uses a legal pad. Some tools aren’t even in journals at all, but rather in a phone or a jar (no, really.)

By the end of the podcast episode I knew what I wanted for my birthday – I wanted to get Let it Out and start using up my journals. But in the meantime, I needed to find out who Katie Dalebout was and what she was all about.

Journaling has been one of my favorite self-exploration tools to recommend for patients and Katie's book takes it to a whole new level

Fertility tips, postpartum recovery and why telling your birth story is a community service

The first official quarter of Reverie Acupuncture is wrapping up which means it’s time for a post round up!

While I’m writing up posts for the next few weeks, I thought it would be good to revisit the five most popular posts of the year so far. These are ranked in order of the blogs that people found the most useful and came back for time and time again. If you missed any of them, here is your chance to catch up and also your chance to review if you liked them.

Fertility tips, postpartum recovery tips and why telling your birth story is necessary for women everywhere