Combining the magic of flower essences with the traditions of Chinese medicine to help you heal and grow

What is floral acupuncture?

Imagine if you could combine the rich history of Chinese Medicine with the subtle science of flower essences. What would it be like to take these two robust and beautiful medicines and combine them? It would be magical. And guess what? You can.

Floral acupuncture was introduced by Deborah Craydon and Warren Bellows. Together they developed a robust system of 5 element acupuncture and Bach Flower essences, combining them to supplement treatments for anxiety, fear, anger – any of the traditional flower essence maladies.

Floral acupuncture has grown since Craydon and Bellows published Floral Acupuncture, expanding beyond the original Bach formulas. (affiliate link) And it might be what’s missing from your treatment plan.

Flower essences are ideal for emotional support, and are a great supplement to care during the postpartum period

Flower essences for the Baby Blues

Did you know that up to 75% of mothers will experience the baby blues postpartum?

The baby blues are an emotional and mental shift that happen when the cocktail of pregnancy hormones rapidly decreases while at the same time, a mother learns how to interact and care for her new baby. It’s a stressful time but it tends to be relatively short.

But 10-20% of mothers (and some new research shows that it may be higher) will develop postpartum depression, which has more severe symptoms than the baby blues and can but the mother’s life in danger. Postpartum depression or PPD often develops six months postpartum and sometimes as late as one year.

I go into more detail about the differences in this blog post but for this blog post I’d like to say right now: if you are showing signs of depression including withdrawing from friends and family, loss of interest in things you used to enjoy and having no interest in the baby talk to your midwife or primary care provider.

Flower essences can be very supportive in helping with emotional and spiritual shifts and are a powerful energetic medicine, but PPD can be life-threatening. Make sure that you have a support system in place before supplementing your care with flower essences.