Yang Zhi, Willpower, and Burnout

I started out blogtober with a post on zhi or willpower. I focused mainly on yin zhi or the unconscious decisions that bring us to (or far away from) our life goals. When I wrote the post I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if I actually managed to do this thing?”

But, I don’t finish fun things easily.

My yin zhi has never lead me astray. But my yang zhi? That’s a whole different story.

You see, I am stubborn. If you’re being kind you’d call me “tenacious” or “determined” but it all amounts to the same thing: I push hard and I push long for the things I want. For important things like my clinic and my family, I can push through any mental resistance and laziness to get it done. But things that I do for fun? Or for my own self-care? That’s another story.